BoA Accounting - Multi Sistem Dinamika

After Sales Service is More Important Than Sales

Debtor Maintenance


Invoice Entry


Receive Payment


Credit Note Entry


Debit Note Entry


Refund Entry


A/R & A/P Contra


Deposit Entry


Print Outstanding Invoice


Print Outstanding Deposit


Print Debtor Aging


Print Debtor Balance


Print Statement


Print Collection Report


Print Monthly Sales & Collection Analysis


Print A/R Analysis by Document


Print Overdue Letter


Print Debtor Label and Listing


Print A/R Invoice Listing


Print A/R Payment Listing


Print A/R Receipt Voucher


Print A/R Debit Note Listing


Print A/R Debit Note


Print A/R Credit Note Listing


Print A/R Credit Note


Print A/R Refund Listing


Print Payment Voucher (for refund)


Print A/R and A/P Contra Listing


Print A/R and A/P Contra Note


Print A/R Deposit Listing


Print A/R Deposit Receipt


Print Outstanding A/R Deposit Listing


Print Debtor Collection Report


Print Monthly Sales and Collection Analysis Report